2016 Earth Day Awards

Compass Minerals
Photo Credit: Compass Minerals

Each year, the Utah Board of Oil, Gas and Mining presents Earth Day Awards to companies, organizations or individuals who go beyond what is required by regulation to protect the environment, while developing Utah’s natural resources.

Awards are presented in the areas of oil and gas, minerals mining and coal mining. Specific award categories environmental improvement to an active mine site, exploration site, or producing field; outstanding results following applications of innovative environmental technology and outstanding final reclamation or site restoration.

The following companies received Earth Day Awards for 2016:

Compass Minerals Ogden, Inc. – Pond expansion project on the Great Salt Lake Mine

Compass Minerals Ogden, Inc.
Compass Minerals Ogden, Inc.

Compass Minerals Ogden, Inc. was also awarded the first-ever 2016 Best of the Best Earth Day Award by the Utah Board of Oil, Gas and Mining due to their exceptional environmental improvement work on their Great Salt Lake Mine Project.

Ultradent Products – Innovative reclamation of a site in Tooele County

Ultradent Products

Questar Pipeline Company – Reduced environmental impacts during the Mainline 3 Replacement Project in Morgan and Davis counties.

Questar Pipeline Company

North American Mine Services, Inc. – Sage grouse mitigation on the Green Diamond project in Uintah County

North American Mine Sercices, Inc.

Canyon Fuel Company, LLC – Sufco Mine – Habitat improvement project in the Manti La Sal National Forest

Canyon Fuel LLC – Sufco Mine

Conoco Phillips – Habitat improvement project with the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources to remove pinyon/juniper in Hiawatha, Utah.

Conoco Phillips