Utah Division of Oil, Gas and Mining Quarterly Collaborative Meeting

The Division of Oil, Gas and Mining (OGM) has held the Uintah Basin Oil and Gas Collaborative meeting in Vernal and Duchesne since 1999. The goal of this meeting was to get the various government agencies, from local, state, tribal and federal agencies, to collaborate to increase the efficiency of the regulation of the petroleum industry, as well as to address the associated environmental concerns in the Basin. 

In 1999, the Department of Natural Resources leadership recognized the disconnection between governmental agencies and urged OGM management to initiate a meeting to enhance working relationships. As a result, the Collaborative has become an educational forum and platform for exchanging ideas and creating valuable relationships. In addition, it communicates constituents’ needs concerning oil and gas production in the Uintah Basin. 

At the last meeting in  April, issues were addressed, including wastewater disposal, air quality updates, oil and gas regulations, new technology from the University of Utah and the economic impacts of oil and gas in Utah. The subjects are wide-ranging but always timely concerning the industry in the Basin.

This meeting has been a resounding success. It has brought together government agencies,  operators, citizens, consultants, environmentalists and anyone concerned with the petroleum industry in the Uintah Basin. Even a U.S. senator, congressman, and several Utah legislators have participated and shown their support and desire to learn more about the petroleum industry in Utah.

The petroleum industry is a critical part of the economy of the Uintah Basin, as well as Utah. The collaboration between all entities involved in this meeting has helped the industry move forward to provide essential energy more efficiently to Utah and address the environmental concerns associated with the oil and gas industry.

If interested in attending a collaborative meeting, contact Environmental Manager John Rogers johnrogers@utah.gov or subscribe to OGM’s YouTube channel @UtahDivisionOfOilGasMining.