John Baza, Director, Division of Oil Gas and Mining

There is an often-quoted statement by German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche that reads, “That which doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.” This concept is difficult to understand and accept during times of severe suffering and sacrifice such as what the world has experienced the past few months.

However, there is value to the knowledge gained during difficult trials.  New growth can occur, and organizations can improve and achieve positive outcomes given the lessons learned and enough subsequent effort.

We have all had to quickly adjust to a “new normal.” Virtual meetings, masks, social distancing and limited human interaction have created new challenges, but it has also allowed us to analyze ways to be more efficient and prioritize how work gets done. While staff in the office is limited, we are all maintaining good electronic communication and ensuring that field inspections continue, permits are issued and dangerous abandoned mine openings safeguarded.

We hope this pandemic ends soon, but until then, Division of Oil, Gas and Mining staff is committed to maintaining a high level of service that ensures responsible development of Utah’s energy and mineral resources, while protecting public safety and the environment.