Message from Director John Baza – Summer 2018

Utah’s natural resources of crude oil, natural gas, coal, metals, and other mineral commodities are valuable to the citizens of the state. Either by direct ownership or as a result of the processing and sales of commodities, these products improve the quality of life of Utahns.  

Since the 1950s, the Division of Oil, Gas and Mining (DOGM) has performed its stewardship responsibilities of ensuring that waste is prevented, recovery of underground resources occurs responsibly, and Utah residents receive the greatest possible good from these vital natural resources.

In recent years, technology has advanced, and much of the work of the Division incorporates these advancements. Regulatory processes are now performed via multiple electronic means including computerized databases, mobile devices for site monitoring, geographic information systems, unmanned aerial systems (drones), and live streaming conferences and meetings.  All of these advancements have extended the reach of Division personnel to accomplish more without large increases in staffing or budget, allowing for efficient expenditure of public funding.

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