Employee Highlight – Summer 2018

April Abate is an environmental scientist with the Division’s Minerals Program.  She started with the Division in 2008 working in the coal program then transferred to Minerals in 2013. 

Her job involves implementing state rules, regulating, and inspecting all hard rock mining activity in the state including small and large mines and exploration permits. April is responsible for overseeing all mineral mining operations in Utah and Uintah counties.

Some of the best aspects of her job involve working with mining companies to conduct operations that minimize impacts to the environment. For example, when a mine is located in a sage grouse management area, creative and alternative ideas need to be implemented to protect and reduce impacts to habitat. April works with biologists from the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources (DWR) to find options that allow mining operations to continue without effecting habitat.

One of April’s greatest job satisfactions is when she can propose ideas that are  more efficient, streamlined, and minimize ground disturbance. She tells operators to begin with the end reclamation in mind before starting mining. Often the main focus is on production, with reclamation being an afterthought. Enforcing the Mined Land Reclamation Act makes mine reclamation planning forethought, rather than an afterthought.

April also enjoys the people with whom she works. From local ranchers, government officials, operators, or organic chemists, she enjoys conversations with all of them and always takes away a gained perspective from these learning experiences. 

April grew up in the Boston, Massachusetts area and is a Boston sports fan and seafood lover at heart.